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Powered by Affidaty S.p.A, the decentralized exchange WoW is capable of swap, trading, earning and learning about your favorite cryptos, as well as all of the programmable stable coins generated with T.R.I.N.C.I. 2.0 Blockchain.

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Wow is the first Italian Defi Exchange that creates negotiation tables where users can intermediate their value exchanges without any central hierarchy but only with smart-contracts mediated by a dedicated Blockchain. 


Wow is different from the other exchanges: it isn’t like a bank with a cryptocurrency reserve that favours the coins exchanges between virtual wallets through the middleware.
Wow doesn’t act like an intermediary among the actions of its users, because they are able to carry out operations without any external intervention and in compliance with current legislation on the matter.  

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Every company can insert any rules of disintermediation that favours its business with the Blockchain of Trinci.
Each rule meets specific business needs that are connected to the company that implements it.

The common exchanges quote only the speculative coins and the majority of the users see them as an investment instrument, buying and selling them in order to create a surplus value.

Wow stands out from the normal exchanges because it quotes stable coins, that is every coin created by the companies to favour their business. The Exchange becomes the unique instrument to purchase, quote, interchange and convert in euro those coins.


ensure Euro/Token conversion service

Each process ruled by a smart contract inside the blockchain involves specific tokens (also in blockchain) and not standard FIAT currencies (Euro, Dollar etc.). In order to make the use of these tokens easier for the users who do not normally possess them, a dedicated service will be provided for them.

This service offers an integrated payment flow allowing users to buy the tokens necessary for the transaction in a few steps, by credit cards or wire transfer, without stopping the platform workflow where the token itself is used. This service is offered by the Exchange, which serves its exclusive HDSB in compliance with legislation on the matter, and exchanges the amount from Euro to Token and vice versa.
This way, it can withdraw the service proceeds from the company to the relative stakeholders in FIAT currency. To cut a very long story short, users can change FIAT into tokens, use these tokens for the services that are in a specific HDSB, Tokens respond according to their programming and token beneficiaries can change them into FIAT currency. 

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